In The Land Of Blood & Poppies 


If I were to write a memoir, it would read like a dark Eastern European folk-tale. From the endless travels through faraway lands, a childhood spent playing among ancient Byzantine ruins with a best friend named Snow White, and days spent in Bucharest watching gypsies with glittering gold teeth play the accordion for their dancing bear (or sometimes monkey! ) – at times I forget how magical yet utterly absurd my life has been up to this point.

Needless to say, I am rarely at a loss for inspiration. I adore revisiting these memories and trying to find creative ways to interpret them into my everyday style in a way that is whimsical, but not too costume-y. My native language is the world of textiles. I have a deep passion for textiles, especially folk textiles – I cherish those who try so hard to keep these ancient traditions alive. At times it is difficult to create a living, breathing memory with mere words – this is why I so adore having something that I can touch.
As the Autumn darkens, I find myself feeling positively Draculian. I am obsessed with all red everything, from wine to nail lacquer. This time of the year makes me long for those moody trips through Transylvania and glittering Winter nights in Bucharest. I remember the old grey buildings still marred by bullet holes, a somber souvenir leftover from the revolution that gunned Ceaușescu down. In spite of the grim history and overwhelming poverty, I have fond memories of Romania. My father used to treat us to dinners of salty, stringy deep-fried cheese, hand delivered by the peasants from the surrounding villages, eaten in a dimly lit bar that smelled strongly of rich tobacco. I remember driving through endless fields of bright orange-red poppies (which were harvested for opium),  and I remember my first encounter with beggar children. Romania is where, at a tender age of 5 years old, I first realized what poverty was. A sobering subject for someone so young. In a way, I strive to commemorate my life experiences through my style – storytelling isn’t simply a string of words, after all.
Here are a few things that are on my Autumn wishlist!

Russian Shawl Inspired Corset by Corsetry & Romance


The Velvet Vamp Corset by What Katie Did


Blood Red Lipstick by Besame Cosmetics


1920’s Metallic Embroidered Silk Peasant Blouse from Wear It Again Sam Vintage


How do you express yourself through style? What do you have to say? A conscious choice in wardrobe can reveal a deeper meaning – if your wardrobe doesn’t make you feel completely true to yourself, something needs to change. Life is too short for boring, well, anything.

The Comrade General


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