Thanksgiving Proper.

First, let’s start with the Thanksgiving improper.

I smashed my thumb in the car door on Thanksgiving Eve. I know I’m the biggest klutz of the them all, but really. I stifled a scream as it happened, grabbed my keys as fast as humanly possible, and ran up the stairs to my apartment. Blood was trickling down my wrist at an alarming rate and the world began swirling around me. As soon as I unlocked the door I slumped on the floor and nearly passed out. I was on the floor for at least an hour. This is how my Thanksgiving began.

Then I remembered that I had a small army of pies to bake. I’m nearly always the Chief of Patisserie in my family, so I knew that I couldn’t let anyone down. Store bought pie? Not even an option. Really. My father is a pastry chef. It would bring shame to the family name. So, I got to work…


 It took me twice as long to make my usual  (2 pumpkin, 1 pecan – although I had planned on  more) – but somehow I managed. I even managed to pull off my usual decorative touches. I know that blood and pastry might be less than appetizing – but I couldn’t help but be attracted to the contrast of colors. Blood is beautiful – the saturation and opacity, the fresh, rich ruby…like a shimmering jewel. Don’t worry, no one actually consumed the blood-stained parts.


Now on to the Thanksgiving proper!

There is no better way to start the day then by treating yourself to a decadent breakfast of bottomless mimosas and slutty-fried eggs with smoked salmon on toast! It even made my poor, bruised thumb feel better for a bit.

champagnebrunchI’m that annoying person who insists on dressing up for everything. Life is just too short for boring anything. So I decided to don my Thanksgiving best by donning this Ajvar  colored 1940’s wool skirt suit from Garb-Oh Vintage


I’m a sucker for a good skirt suit. I mean, you can just throw it on and look abfab in mere seconds (which is more than I can say for sweatpants!). Also, isn’t that peter pan collar just adorable? Modern fashion just seems so one-dimensional and basic after wearing something like this. I’ll take one in every color, please.

Stay interesting, my friends.

The Comrade General


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