Curve Appeal.

“Cultivate your curves – they may be dangerous, but they won’t be avoided”

-Mae West


Greeting comrades!

As you may (or may not) know, I am forever on a quest to refine my silhouette. I find curves, indentations, protrusions, light, shadows, structure, and the malleability of soft flesh endlessly fascinating. Corsetry (training with a “proper” corset i.e. steel-boned and not a latex tube that makes you look like meat in tube form) is something that I truly enjoy and although my end goal is to merely refine the silhouette, not reduce my naked waistline permanently – I find inspiration in individuals who did take their corset journey to the extreme. Ethel Granger, Polaire, Camille Clifford, John Willie sketches (and photographs of his wife and muse, Holly Faram) all serve as inspiration for my own tight-lacing routine. The latest addition to my corset collection is this gorgeous jet black leather number which pays homage to Catwoman, Bettie Page’s Irving Klaw years, and John Willie in one fell swoop. It truly is my favorite corset as of yet. My first corset was an Orchard Corset CS426 Short 22″ , which, gently introduced me to the world of tight-lacing, but unfortunately wasn’t curvy enough for my figure, even considering the hip-ties. My second corset was a What Katie Did Vamp 22″ , and while I did love the lush construction and quality materials used, the spacing of the grommets led to a rather bulky side silhouette. The Mystic City MCC54 is my third corset and it is by far the most curvy of the three. I plan on documenting my progress regularly, so definitely check back for updates!

The art of John Willie

The Comrade General


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