The Comrade General In Paris: Notre Dame + Cafe Panis!


I know I’m going to sound like every other girl who’s visited Paris before – but Paris, je t’aime! I am currently going through a mourning phase and drowning my sorrows in a stiff drink as we speak. How cruel it is to know that there is someplace around the world where you feel completely at home (except for the language barrier, but that’s what hand gestures and Google translate are for) and have a lifetime supply of mousse de canard at your fingertips…but it’s halfway around the world and would cost most of your paycheck to get there. Boo. I really need to figure out this freelancing thing, or I need to sell my kidney…but let’s be honest, I really need that *takes a long sip of vodka*.


Let me tell you, first of all, if you go to Paris and don’t climb the 500 steps to the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral, well comrade, you fail at life. The view from the top is bucket list material, folks. And GARGOYLES? Gothic dream realized. Also, sunshine is so overrated – visit Paris when it is drizzly and grey, it is so dramatic and moody. I LOVED the overcast weather and the leftover Winter chill in the fresh May air. Playing tourist is usually miserable if it is too hot. So after I nearly pulled a hamstring trying to climb to the top of Notre Dame, it was time for lunch. Unless you are a sadist, Paris is no place to be on a diet. Cafe Panis, which is just across the street from Notre Dame, has an amazing menu and a wonderfully charming waitstaff. There were many winks and smiles to be had, probably because of our clumsy tongues trying to not stumble over French words. Their Beef Tartare is exquisite, by the way. I typically wouldn’t recommend French beef, unless it is raw. It is far to muscular for a proper steak and lacks much of the flavor that American, Canadian, and Australian steaks have.



I’m off to recover from the work day, because #introvertproblems – constant adulting and having to deal with people is draining and my psyche needs a vacation. So I’m off to watch Family Guy as soon as I refresh my drink (don’t judge me!). In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful view from the tippy-top of Notre Dame, minus the sore ass 😉


The Comrade General


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