Vices & Spices.


PSA: Your dreams don’t have an expiration date!


You know what I want to be when I grow up? A decent human being. There seem to be far too few of those around these days in this money-hungry, fame-whore loving, perpetually busy world.

When did we give up on each other? When did we stop caring? I genuinely want to help people make their dreams come true…


I’ve put my own dreams off for far too long…

I’ll resolve that soon enough. Without constant evolution, I will become obsolete.


In the meantime, I distract myself by playing dress up – my current situation is 1920’s baby flapper with a penchant for hard alcohol and soft jazz…revved up and rouged up 😉

Off to sip some vices and spices… booze is the only thing that soothes a crumpled wit.

The Comrade General


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